Legislative News

MD General Assembly 2019 Legislative Session Update

By Ella Ennis, MFRW 2nd Vice President


HB 624 – Ranked Choice Voting in Montgomery County.
HB 26 – Ranked Choice Voting and Open Primaries for Baltimore City. These bills would have required voters to select 3 choices for each office. – Dems will likely to have more candidates and therefore more chances to win any given office.  Very Manipulative.

SB 582 - Require Maryland Electors to Electoral College to vote as the National Popular Vote of all states rather than as Marylanders’ voted. 

HB 399 – End of Life Options – Legalize Assisted Suicide for an adult with a terminal illness with prognosis of likely to die within 6 months. (Note: Failed by 1 Vote.)

HB 1165 – Prohibiting Government agents from requesting information on immigration status or providing information to Federal Immigration officials and authorizing those affected to pursue legal remedies for any disclosures and seek reimbursement for legal costs.

HB 1273 – Develop guidelines for schools, hospitals and courthouses to limit immigration enforcement to the fullest extent possible.

SB 817- Prohibit an agent of correctional facility from detaining a person beyond their state-law release date or notifying federal immigration officials of any information about a person’s immigration status and prohibiting an officer from inquiring about immigration status during a search or arrest.

SB 771 (HB 656) Legalization, Taxation and Regulation of Cannabis – Recreational Marijuana.

SB737 (HB786) – Require Long Gun Purchase License with fingerprints and 4 hours classroom training and limit rifle or shotgun purchases to one per month.


SB 280/HB 166 – Raised Minimum Wage to $15 – but Republicans were able to get amendments that phased in the increase at a slower rate.  (Governor’s VETO Over-ridden) This bill is harmful to rural counties and counties bordering on other states that have lower minimum wages.

SB 516 – Clean Energy Jobs Bill – Requires 50% of electricity come from renewable sources by 2030.  Will increase cost of electricity for everyone.  As of January 2019, Maryland net electricity generation from renewables is 10%, 2/3 of which is hydroelectric power. Nuclear energy electricity generation is 44% of Maryland’s electricity generation.  Will have a substantial impact on businesses. Allowed to become law without the Governor’s approval (Article II, Sec. 17(c) MD Constitution).

SB 537 – Altering circumstances for paying instate tuition from attending MD high School for 3 years and graduating from MD school to “attending and graduating.” Expands applicable institutions from community colleges to any public institution of higher education. Eligible individuals include undocumented immigrants and “non-permanent residents who file an affidavit that they will become permanent residents within 30 days of becoming eligible” to enroll at in-state tuition rates.  Expands time frame for entering college from 4 years after high school graduation to 6 years. Requires the individual or their parents to file MD income tax return for 3 years prior to each year exemption applies using a MD address. VETOED by the Governor -5/24/19).

SB449/HB286– Register & Vote on General Elections Day without proof of citizenship or ID.  Increases the likelihood of voter fraud. (Allowed to become law w/o Governor’s Signature).

SB1030 – Blueprint for Maryland (Kirwan Education Commission).Intended to transform Maryland's early childhood, primary, and secondary education system to the levels of the highest-performing systems; establishing a Concentration of Poverty School Grant Program to provide grants to schools with high concentrations of students eligible for free or reduced- price meals; establishing the Teacher Collaborative Grant Program; establishing the Maryland Office of the Inspector General for Education; etc. (Allowed to become law w/o Governor’s Signature).

HB 1272 – Require the State to reject Federal Title X health care funds unless they allow Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to receive them. Bill is punitive toward pro-life pregnancy health centers denying them Federal Title X Health Care funds, while legislation passed last year protects Planned Parenthood by substituting State funds for any reduction in Federal funds for their clinics. (Allowed to become law without the Governor’s signature).

You can read the text of any bill at the General Assembly's web site at:  http://mgaleg.maryland.gov.